Picnic Time

by Gowtham Bhoominathan

We still have a few more days left to go outside and enjoy the wether.

One of my favorite place in Dubai is Al Barsha park, small and secure, we like to rent a go kart or ride our own bike. Take the kids to the playground and enjoy the poicnic together with friends and family.

A picnic is always a god idea, and getting your children involved can help with the preparation. Give each child their own task, they will enjoy the time even more.

Here are some suggestions for the tasks:

· Choose the picnic menu — they’re less likely to complain about food they’ve helped choose.

· Help with the food preparation.

· Pack the supplies, and let them to have their own bags, with their own packed toys.

In your bag: hamper, blankets, cool-box, paper towels, plastic plates and cups, tablecloth, sunscreen, first-aid kit, hats, camera.

Toys — Frisbee, beach ball, bucket and spade, or baby toys.

I find it is easier to give healthy food after a good play in the park, so I don’t put sweets and junk in the basket.

My healthy picnic idea:

- Homemade kebabs or meatball, hard boiled eggs, cheese.

- Vegetables: cucumber, carrot sticks, radish, cherry tomato, olives

- Fruit, apple, strawberry and dried fruits.

- Nuts

Very easy to prepare, even if you run out of time.

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