Instruction Paperless

by Gowtham Bhoominathan


We would like to go paperless and give the instruction to you online.

The best way to get idea to use iron on labels to see our youtube video.

Self Adhesive Labels

Apply them firmly to a clean and dry surface. They work well on plastic, glass and most of the materials. Flat surface recommended.

The stickers are water proof and UV resistant. Dishwasher safe in low temperature, hand wash for longer use.

The stickers can scratch after months of use, you can remove without mark and replace them.

Iron-On labels

These labels are designed for tagging clothes like school uniforms. All the labels are cut. You can apply them at home, only you need an iron.
The clothes has to be washed before ironing the labels.

  1. Turn the cloth inside out, be sure it is completely dry. Set your iron to dry mode (without steam) and maximum heat. (follow also the clothes ironing rules, if it is only low ironing allowed then increase the time or pressure)
  2. Peel and place the label face up on to your cloth.
  3. Cover it with backing paper, or very thin clothes.
  4. Place the hot iron on the cloth and leave there 20 second without moving it. Let it cool down before you peel the paper off. (can be repeated 2-3 times, until all the edges in the cloth and see the cloth texture in the label)

Iron-On labels are permanent, you cannot remove them from the cloth. Labels are safe to wash in washing machine 40C and tumble dryed low.


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