going to gluten free

by Gowtham Bhoominathan

Since we get the celiac test positive we have a huge change in our house and in our whole life. We finally went gluten free from the kitchen to the bathroom. Sometimes it was hard, but always get help from friends and gluten free groups. A huge thanks to glutenfreeuae for all the support!

Sometimes the things just can not go so easy and you can't have the whole kitchen GF, but it is still better to get your own GF tools to make your safe food.To help you we have made the ultimate gluten free labels for your kitchen.

The gluten free kitchen pack contains 35 different size, colorful designed labels. It can easily stick all the kitchen ware you use; spoons, lunch boxes, containers, toaster etc... Apply all kind of materials, plastic, metal, glass or wood. All the labels are dishwasher safe, microwave and freezer resistant, removable.

We give a discount to all the people in the Middle East who have celiac, gluten intolerant or wheat allergy. Please use the "glutenfreeme" code when you make an order and get 25% off from your gluten free kitchen pack.

The promotion valid until end of September. Contact us if you need the labels for any other allergy and we can make the designs.


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