Celiac Awarness

by Gowtham Bhoominathan

May is the month of celiac awareness and Ladybug Labels taking part of it with special offers.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease caused by gluten, a protein found in wheat. Eating gluten damages the small intestine in people suffering with CD. The reaction can be done after digest a single breadcrumbs. Celiac disease linked over 300 different health condition (from migraine to cancer) and can lead to other autoimmune disease (diabetes).

With the shared lunchtime at school we think it is extremely important for all of the kids who suffering food allergies and food intolerance that get the lunchbox labeled with a pictogram or a full label with parents details and dietary advice. Little labels can help the teacher remind of the child condition and with phone number the parents can be called immediately if accident happens.

During May we are giving free allergy dots to your order (any designs). All the food safety labels are 50% off.

For schools we offering free samples of allergy dots to give to the parents. (please contact us for more details)

To get your free allergy dots please write on the comment box or contact us. The allergy dots are available in 8 different designs, size 30 mm, 10 Labels/sheet.

Safety Labels are 50% off during the month of May.

Keep Well!



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