Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity in the UAE

by Gowtham Bhoominathan

Thankfully there are plenty of places you can find help in the UAE if you are suffering with CD or Gluten Sensitivity.

I would like to list some of the webpage you can visit:
Glutenfreeuae: to find help and information to every question about Celiac Disease. The site will help you to know everything you need to know about the CD, where to go for medical advice, how to follow a gluten free lifestyle and where to dine.
Gluten Free Supermarket an online store to find lots of truly and trust-able gluten free food, and possibly the best gluten free fresh croissant in town.

To shop or order pizza I love the followings:
Organic Food And Cafe
NKD Pizza
Sweet Connection

Visiting Ripe market in the weekends you will be surprised of your gluten free options, they even have gluten free hamburger!

And many many more...


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