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 Clothing Labels


Iron on labels

Iron on labelsIron-on labels are easy to use, washable and stay on your clothes for a long time. It really helps you to identify your kid's uniform at nursery, school or summer camps.
The labels are wash resistance up to 60°C, wash the cloth the label inside, tumble dry-able.

Buy this products in Iron On pack of 58 labels, or with stickers one of our value packs


How to use them

Iron on labels instructions1. Turn the clothes inside out, be sure it is completely dry.

2. Set your iron to dry mode (without steam), and maximum heat.

3. Peel and place the label face up on the clothes.

4. Cover with a cloth (kitchen towel is great) or you can cover with the back of your label (shinny side down)

5. Place the hot iron on the clothes and leave it there for 20-25 second without moving it. Let it cool down before you peel the paper off.


Shoe Labels 

Tired of not being able to find your kids shoes at the indoor play arias? Lost your shoes after gym class again? Ladybug's Shoe Labels will help you to avoid those problems. We design our Shoe Labels Pack for the Middle East; beside the 12 classic shoe labels we give you 4 spot labels for the foam clogs! Easy to use, peel-and-stick durable labels, laminated.

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