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Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity in the UAE

Thankfully there are plenty of places you can find help in the UAE if you are suffering with CD or Gluten Sensitivity. I would like to list some of the webpage you can visit:Glutenfreeuae: to find help and information to every question about Celiac Disease. The site will help you to know everything you need to know about the CD, where to go for medical advice, how to follow a gluten free lifestyle and where to dine. Gluten Free Supermarket an online store to find lots of truly and trust-able gluten free food, and possibly the best gluten free fresh croissant in town.  To shop or order..  - Read More

Celiac Awarness

May is the month of celiac awareness and Ladybug Labels taking part of it with special offers. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease caused by gluten, a protein found in wheat. Eating gluten damages the small intestine in people suffering with CD. The reaction can be done after digest a single breadcrumbs. Celiac disease linked over 300 different health condition (from migraine to cancer) and can lead to other autoimmune disease (diabetes).  With the shared lunchtime at school we think it is extremely important for all of the kids who suffering food allergies and food intolerance that get the lunchbox labeled with a pictogram or a full label with..  - Read More

May is the month for Celiac Disease Awareness

For the month of May Ladybug Labels give free food allergy stickers for every order to raise awareness for all the food intolerance. Simply just ad a note when you ordering labels.       It is extremely important to let all the school stuff know about the child health issues, and remind them all the time. Labeling your child lunch boxes and bottles can be a big help for the teachers and helpers too.    Any question about gluten free living in Dubai, visit glutenfreeuae. Young GLUTEN FREE kids in school   GET YOUR FREE LABELS   Beatrix  - Read More Retail Unit 10, The Citadel, Businessbay, Dubai, UAE +97143603555

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