Summer in Dubai

by Gowtham Bhoominathan

The summer is coming and we need spend time inside the house what makes the little ones bored. Collect some crafty idea, quick and easy so hopefully everyone can make them

  1. Mazes.
    Find lots of different shapes of mazes at the internet from easy to hard, print and enjoy. @ allkidnetwork
    More fun if you put the paper in a page protector and do the maze with colored water, like in Busy Kids Happy Mom’s page
    My favorite to make your name, decorate your books or room with it. Download the font here.

  2. Paper craft – animals and plants Make colorful summer decoration, glittering dragonfly or a flower garden. from craftscope

3. Make a summer memory with hand print.

Kids like messy play. Use their hand and fingerprint, photos and a poem to make this summer unforgettable. You can make postcard to Grandpa or a father’s day gift for Daddy.

Could be the nice memory of a play date or fun with the cousins.

See our pinterest to get more idea


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